Origin: Quindio, Colombia

Producer: Diofanor Ruiz

Variety: Papayo

Process: Natural – 60 hour anaerobic environment fermentation

Altitude: 1650m

Harvest: February 2023

Aromatic profile: Cacao, wild red berries, hibiscus flower infusion

Coffee Description By Gaby

A guardian of biodiversity. This is the most authentic definition that emerged after visiting Diofanor’s farm. He is a true believer in the power of nature, and his role as a farmer is to be part of this ecosystem in the creation of an incredible coffee.


During our trip to the heart of the Eje Cafetero, one of the most important coffee regions in Colombia, we visited Finca La Divisa. Immediately, the voice and presence of Diofanor can give you a taste of what you’re going to experience on his farm.

We fell in love with his genuine knowledge of nature, of his ecosystem and his approach to agriculture, which avoids chemical products and respects the soil as much as possible.

Located in Buenavista, Quindio, with a few hectares between 1500 and 1700 masl, Diofanor is currently planting different varieties. One of them made our eyes light up, also thanks to his pride in this microlot of the Papayo variety, named after its papaya-like shape.




Once the cherries have been hand-picked and selected, the fermentation process begins: the cherries are kept in hermetic containers with limited oxygen (mostly known as “anaerobic” fermentation) for 60 hours. It is then dried in raised beds for 25-35 days, depending on the climatic conditions.