Origin: Huila, Colombia

Producer: María José Londoño – Ancestro 1926

Variety: Pink bourbon

Process: Honey, 72 hour fermentation

Altitude: 1400 m

Harvest: March 2023

Aromatic Profile: Almonds, caramel, amaretto

Coffee Description By Gaby

Embrace our heritage. This is what María José has taught us through her work. She reminded us of the importance of tradition and family and gave us hope for the future generation of coffee farmers. For us, collaboration with other women in the mostly male-dominated coffee sector is one step closer to its transformation.


Ancestro 1926 is a family-owned coffee production company located in Mesa de Elías, in Huila, and María José is the fourth generation of coffee farmers in the family. She is dedicated to continuing the legacy of her great-grandfather, Carlos Enrique Rivera, by improving quality and sharing knowledge about the coffee production process with other coffee farmers.
Her vision is to create a world where coffee production is revered and every cup tells a story of passion and dedication.



Ripe cherries are hand-picked, partially pulped and fermented for 72 hours to remove some of the mucilage. During this process, it’s important to maintain a layer of mucilage in the coffee beans, which gives the characteristic flavor profile.

The coffee is then spread out and dried in thin layers, turned every 5 days to ensure an even drying, for a total of one to two weeks, depending on climatic conditions. During this time, the coffee loses its moisture and the water content is stabilized.