El Silencio


Origin: Quindio, Colombia

Producer: Sara Gutiérrez

Variety: Yellow Colombia

Process: Natural – 120 hour carbonic maceration

Altitude: 1600 m

Harvest: 2023

Aromatic profile: Blueberries, blackberries, tartaric acidity

Coffee Description By Gaby

The name of this finca says it all: El Silencio (Silence).
In the midst of the noise of the Specialty Coffee scene, a young woman works quietly to understand what’s happening in the complex world of fermentation and processing. Her coffees speak loudly of her dedication and passion, with bold personality and character.


Sara is a fifth generation of coffee producers. She studied microbiology and is now responsible for the production of specialty microlots. Although she continues with the cultivation of more resistant varieties such as Yellow Colombia and Yellow Caturra, her focus is on developing fermentation processes that add value to each variety.



Once the cherries have been hand-picked and selected, the fermentation process begins: the cherries are placed in containers where carbonic maceration takes place for 120 hours, enhancing the body, acidity and fruity aromas. The cherries are then sun-dried.